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To The Economist : Stop imagining !  - 10/02/2008
Next Year in a Reunified Armenia!  - 30/12/2007


A few days ago, a Turkish-American journalist responded to my column, titled "Sadly for so-called ‘nationalist’ Turks, Armenians are not going away." He e-wrote: "Wow, you don't even take Christmas off. I would be all for recognizing the Armenian Genocide. It would allow us all to move on, and worry about other things and it would be a proper way to recognize those who lost their lives. … I realize it is a painful situation for your side, and I regret that so many Armenians lost their lives. I am truly sickened and horrified by what happened. But, politically, the situation is what it is. … I understand why this matter is important to you, and I respect you for speaking out for your cause."

I thanked him for his empathetic expressions and I wrote back: "What Christmas without a reunified homeland!"

JIM CHANKALIAN  - 7/08/2006


Chankalian was born in Dikranagerd. At a young age, he emigrated to the United States with his family. He graduated from an American high school, then entered a military academy to become an officer in the U.S. Army. In 1898, he participated in the Spanish-American War. He was honored for his bravery and became a captain in the U.S. Army. The activity of the Armenian political parties had undoubtedly reverberated in the American-Armenian community from the standpoint of the national liberation movement. Moreover, the popularity of the Reformed Hunchak Party, without a doubt, had aroused Chankalian’s interest and motivated him to join that organization.

It was genocide  - 23/03/2006


JOHN EVANS IS THE U.S. ambassador to Armenia, as of this writing. But he probably won't be for long. Evans, a career diplomat who was selected to receive an American Foreign Service Assn. award last year for his frank public speaking, irked his superiors at the State Department by uttering the following words at UC Berkeley in February 2005: "I will today call it the Armenian genocide." For that bit of truth-telling, Evans was forced to issue a clarification, then a correction, then to endure having his award rescinded under pressure from his bosses, and finally to face losing his job altogether.



We are writing you this open letter in response to your call for an "impartial study by historians" concerning the fate of the Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

The sources of political "evil".  - 29/06/2005


"Warehouse of Evil", the title of a Washington Times op-ed editorial published on March 28 that is part of the campaign to deny the Armenian Genocide, was the topic discussed by Edmond Y. Azadian at the AGBU Alex and Marie Manoogian School in Southfield, MI on the evening of June 29. Azadian, renowned author, journalist, and currently Vice Chairman of the Tekeyan organization, was welcomed by Dr. Raffi Belian of the Armenian Youth Organization (AYO)-Tekeyan, sponsors of the event.

Turkey Should Recognize the Assyrian Genocide 1915  - 15/07/2004


Lecture of Sabri Atman an Assyrian author, on june 22-2004 , in Den Haag .

Request to Kotcharian  - 18/03/2004


On January 20, 2004, the British Ambassador to Armenia, Mrs. Thorda Abbott-Watt, during a press conference marking the first anniversary of her diplomatic posting in Armenia, referring to the events of 1915, stated that although the British Government condemned the massacres as an atrocity at that time, the evidence was not sufficiently unequivocal that what took place could be categorized as genocide under the 1948 United Nations Convention on Genocide and that the debate on this issue continues among historians and lawyers.

AGBU Announcement on Melkonian Educational Institute  - 16/03/2004


In the spirit of the discussion and analyses at the AGBU General Assembly meeting in October, 2002, and consistent with the on-going assessment of our educational institutions and activities worldwide, the Central Board has carefully evaluated AGBU programs in respect to their past achievements, current challenges and future prospects. The Board has done so in furtherance of the goals of the organization and its founding fathers.

AAE calls upon AGBU  - 15/03/2004


It is with deep regret that the Assembly of Armenians of Europe learnt about the decision of the AGBU Administrative Board to close gradually the Melkonian School of Cyprus. The Boarding School of the Melkonian Educational Institution will be the first to be shut down.

Wall of silence  - 10/03/2004


Taner Akcam doesn't seem like either a hero or a traitor, though he's been called both. A slight, soft-spoken man who chooses his words with care, Mr. Akcam, a Turkish sociologist and historian currently teaching at the University of Minnesota, writes about events that happened nearly a century ago in an empire that no longer exists

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