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Stallone disappoints Turkish admirers  - 6/01/2007


These days the Turkish society has chosen a new target. Turkish society learned from media that world famous actor and director Sylvester Stallone is going to shoot a film based on the «40 Days of Musa Dagh» novel by Austrian writer Franz Werfel.

Argentinian Senate approves the Law of April 24  - 14/12/2006


Thirteen days after the adoption of the law recognizing the Armenian Genocide by Parliament, Argentinian Senat confirmed in unanimity...

Buenos Aires City Parliament Recognized Armenian Genocide  - 2/09/2006


Buenos Aires Sovereign City Parliament Recognized Armenian Genocide and Voted on Corresponding Law about Annual CommemorationArmenian Genocide history will be taught in schools of Buenos Airesevery April 24.

On Thursday evening, August 17 the Legislative Assembly of Buenos Aires Sovereign City unanimously passed a law according to which April 24th will be honored as "Commemoration day of the first genocide of 20th century where Armenian people were persecuted".

Publishers Praise bianet for Rigths Advocacy  - 15/06/2006


Publishers Union prizes bianet for support and advocacy for freedom of expression. Chair Tuzuner says 22 publishing houses, 47 authors and 49 books were persecuted in the past year. 11 of these cases ended with acquittal while11 others led to sentences.

Haigashen Ouzounian passed away  - 26/05/2006


A prominent intellectual, benefactor and business leader, Haigashen Ouzounian, passed away in Larnaca (Cyprus), on Tuesday, May 23, after a long illness. He kept the clarity of his mind to the last moment.

Haigashen Ouzounian was born in Adana, Cilicia of parents who were natives of neighboring Hajin, in 1920. He lost his parents at a very early age and he was sent to Melkonian Educational Institution where he graduated with distinction. Following his graduation he entered the French university in Beirut, Lebanon where he graduated as an engineer. After practicing his engineering career in Lebanon he moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to work with the renowned industrialist and benefactor Mardiros Darakjian, whose daughter Marie he later married. That union was blessed with three daughters - Taleen, Seza and Ani. As a successful industrialist, he would later become a generous benefactor and a very active leader of the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the Tekeyan Cultural Association and ADL, contributing financially and also as an enterprising organizer.

ADL Delegation in Armenia  - 11/05/2006
New civil disobedience action in Turkey  - 27/03/2006


A new civil disobedience action against the anti-democratic articles of the new Penal Code will start on March 28, 2006 Tuesday, at 10:00 AM, with a short press declaration which will take place in front of Besiktas Justice House in Istanbul.

Freedom of Thought Price attributed to Info-Turk editors  - 15/03/2006


The Istanbul Section of the Human Rights Association of Turkey (IHD) has decided to attribute the Ayse Zarakolu Price for Freedom of Thought (2006) to Info-Turk editors Dogan Özgüden and Inci Tugsavul along with three other human rights defenders, Zülküf Kisanak, Seferi Yilmaz and Emin Karaca. The price award ceremony will take place in Istanbul on March 8, 2006, on the occasion of the International Women Day.

Since Özgüden and Tugsavul cannot enter their country because of legal proceedings, publisher and human rights defender Ragip Zarakolu came to Brussels on February 24, 2006, and announced the IHD's decision at the International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) General Meeting held at the International Press Center. Later on, he presented Özgüden and Tugsavul the price.

A.D.L. Celebrates 120th Anniversary of Birth of Hratch Yervant  - 10/03/2006


On Sunday, February 12, 2006, the Western District Committee of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Organization (Ramgavar party) organized a successful program to celebrate the life and work of Hratch Yervant at the A.G.B.U. Center in Pasadena, California. Under the auspices of His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church, the event included memorable recollections of Hratch Yervant, along with songs and recitations.

The Gazette issues a policy statement on the Armenian genocide  - 7/07/2005


Andrew Phillips, Editor-in-Chief of The Gazette in Montreal, sent us a note on July 4 as a followup to a meeting with the Congress of Canadian Armenians on June 15.

German realism vs. Turkish naivete  - 21/06/2005


Yes, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is very disappointed with the decision of the German Parliament concerning the so-called Armenian genocide. Yes, the Turkish public is very disappointed also. But does this change anything? The German Parliament was giving the signal three months ago when European Union members from Eastern Europe accepted the "genocide" in their parliaments, as some German opposition Christian Democrat politicians were using the opportunity to carry it also to the German Parliament. Indeed, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was successful in diverting the debate to other directions before he came to Ankara just at the beginning of May with a great business army of 600 investors. Germany was the last stronghold in this respect that Turkey should not lose. However, first the early elections decision and now the ever-stronger Christian Democrats applied such pressure that neither Schroeder nor Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer could defend Turkey anymore. In other words, German realpolitik made it imperative that the Parliament accept the decision without even debating it! So naturally!

Armenian church as shooting target  - 11/11/2004


The correspondent of the Milliyet newspaper alerts from Van (Eastern Turkey) that the marvellous carvings of the 10th century church of Akhtamar (Lake Van, Eastern Turkey) are regularly being used as targets for shooting practice by visitors.

Christians want Jews to stop spitting on them  - 15/10/2004


A few weeks ago, a senior Greek Orthodox clergyman in Israel attended a meeting at a government office in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul quarter. When he returned to his car, an elderly man wearing a skullcap came and knocked on the window. When the clergyman let the window down, the passerby spat in his face.

Israeli in Turkey to Ease Strains  - 15/07/2004


Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel began talks here on Wednesday to smooth over differences in an alliance so close that Israeli fighter pilots hone their combat skills over central Turkey.



The Congress of Canadian Armenians was launched yesterday at its inaugural meeting in Montreal.

Akhdamar Church in Ruins  - 14/05/2004


Famous for its 10th century Church of the Holy Cross, the Akdamar Church on the island of Akdamar in Lake Van's is almost in ruins.

Canada Recognize the Genocide  - 30/04/2004


The role of AWA in the Canada's recognition of the Genocide

Information about Hrant Dink and Agos  - 23/03/2004


Letter sent by Ragip ZARAKOLU to CRDA (Centre des Recherches de la Diaspora Arménienne) - Paris
Information about Hrant Dink and Agos.

Abrahamian protest English Ambassador  - 22/03/2004


The World Armenian Congress strongly condemns the British Ambassador to Armenia, Thorda Abbott-Watt, for making a statement on the Armenian Genocide that insults the entire Armenian nation. By refusing to give an international-juridical assessment to the premeditated mass killing of 1.5 million Armenians living in Turkey at the beginning of the 20-th century, the British Ambassador found it expedient to describe these killings simply as a "brutality." Her assessment was based on the excuse that, in her opinion, "recognizing these events as genocide" would not be "of much use."

World Armenian Congress  - 19/02/2004


World Armenian Congress officially registred.

Kassardjian donates to Tekeyan and ADL  - 15/02/2004


Mr et Mrs Agop Kassardjian donates to...

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