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Snow Storm or Snafu?  - 13/02/2010


It is not everyday that the government of the most powerful nation on earth invites the representatives of one of the smallest minorities for a 30-minute session to discuss issues of mutual interests. The US State Department had invited a group of Armenian community representatives to meet with the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington, DC.

A Timely Reorganization  - 2/12/2009
What if?  - 23/03/2006


To base any argument on hypothetical questions is a dangerous game. Yet we play that game all the time to devise solutions to certain scenarios.

One of those hypothetical questions is what Armenians can or should do if ever present day Turkey comes to recognize the Armenian Genocide. You may hear many answers by different Armenians, betraying an uncertainty that the Turks are counting on.

Public TV under public pressure  - 7/03/2006


Armenians in the U.S. had hardly expressed a sigh of relief that finally a documentary featuring the Armenian Genocide would be aired on the Public Broadcasting System, when the anticipated reaction surfaced immediately. The news was that after airing the documentary, a panel discussion would follow to include prominent genocide deniers Justin McCarthy and Omer Turan.

Of course, Turks and their allies in Washington lobby circles would not sit idle and watch Andrew Goldberg's objective portrayal of the Armenian Genocide. They indeed moved, and PBS decided to air a one-hour panel discussion, allowing the deniers to air the official views of the Turkish government.

Assessing Aram I's visit to North America  - 29/11/2005


The recent pontifical visit of His Holiness Aram I of Antelias made a clear statement that the church unity will remain an illusive dream for the foreseeable future, and that the Catholicosate of Cilicia – and the political powers behind it – is set to outshine the Mother See of all Armenians in Etchmiadzine.

When His Holiness Karekin II visited the West Coast last June and was received with unprecedented devotion and enthusiasm, Catholicos Aram I was itching on His throne to outdo that visit by planning and organizing His own show.

It's time for Europe to judge Turkey  - 6/09/2005


The term "ethnic cleansing" may be a recent expression, but the practice is an old one, and the Turks have proven to be masters of that practice, during the Ottoman period, as well as during the rules of Young Turks and Kemalists.

Charity begins at Homeland  - 2/08/2005


Fledgling democracies, like Armenia, have always depended heavily on their Diasporas. Although the Armenian Diaspora is the product of a most tragic event of historic proportions, at least in this case it becomes a blessing in disguise, as most of the survivors, their descendants and recent expatriates take the fate of their ancestral homeland at heart and they strive to support the country politically and economically.

Glimmer of hope on the Karabagh horizon  - 19/07/2005


Observers who have watched over the years intractable international problems like the Northern Island and Palestinian issues, will certainly greet with a grain of salt some hopeful signs shaping up on the Karabagh horizon.

The Tsunami counterattack  - 28/06/2005


The prominent Turkish journalist Ali Birand had predicted that the 90th commemorative year of the Armenian genocide would turn into a political tsunami for Turkey and warned his government and the media to be prepared for a counterattack. Indeed, Turkey was well prepared to weather the raging tsunami.

Archbishop Mutafian — Full of Turkish Mischief  - 21/02/2005


Ever since exterminating 1.5 million Armenians and depopulating historic
Armenia, successive regimes in Turkey have been hard at work, in an obsessive
determination, to wipe out all traces of Armenian heritage in our ancestral land.
However, since Ataturk’s Europeanization drive, the traditional Turkish
scimitar has been replaced by more sophisticated methods with the very same
ultimate goal — to drive the original inhabitants of the land into oblivion.

Armenia under diplomatic siege  - 1/02/2005


Critical or desperate situations are not new for Armenia, and today we are in one of those situations. To sound more patriotic we may claim that against all odds Armenia will survive and Armenians are destined to live to the end of history and contribute to the world civilizations. But history has prevalence over patriotic rhetoric; the historic truth is that after the fall of the Cilician Kingdom in 1375 AD, Armenia was not able to survive as a sovereign nation and fell under Seljuk and Ottoman rules for six centuries.

Cypriot House Speaker Calls on Turkey  - 22/10/2004


Turkey should fulfill specific criteria which the European Union puts forward in order to begin accession negotiations, said Cypriot House Speaker Demetris Christofias during a press conference with his Armenian counterpart, Arthur Baghdasarian.

Akçam at Harvard  - 26/05/2004


Taner Akcam Insists at Harvard University
That Historical View of Events of 1915-23 Must Embrace both Armenian, Turkish Perspectives
Dialogue between Armenians, Turkish Society Is Essential, Says Akcam

Mirror Spectator's short news  - 26/05/2004


Nahabed Nahabedian Receives "St.Nerses Shnorhali" Medal
Armenia Marriott Hotel to Be Inaugurated June 14

Flexing Azeri Muscles across the Border  - 25/05/2004


Although the opposition rallies lost steam in Armenia, Armenians cannot let their guard down yet because fomenting discontent and forcing the opposition into the streets was not a spontaneous act; rather it was part of an overall plan, or plot, if you will, to destabilize Armenia and to bring about a regime change to have Armenia conform to a scenario being laid down thousands of miles away.

In search of a realistic policy in the Caucasus  - 10/03/2004


During the Soviet era popular songs were composed – in tune with the state policy – to glorify the "brotherhood" of the three nations in the Caucasus – Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. With the fall of the Soviet empire, the notes of those songs turned sour as these nations rose against each other, goaded by the historical injustices perpetrated against some of them. At this point each of those Caucasian republics are in pursuit of – naturally – their own national interests, which in part or in whole counter their neighbors' national interests.

Melkonian For Sale  - 4/03/2004


In a communiqué dated November 14, 2003, the Armenian General Benevolent Union announced that all the news that was being spread in connection with the sale of the Melkonian Educational Institution (MEI) property was baseless and false. The intended message was: "Don’t pay attention to these reports; it’s been decided that the MEI property will not be sold." An American, Gordon Anderson, was sent to Cyprus for this purpose; having enjoyed the hospitality of the MEI for months, he met with construction companies and agents just so the Central Board could tell the world, "the Melkonian property is not for sale."

For Sale... Yerevan  - 25/02/2004


Can you imagine an anonymous private developer receiving a permit to build a neon-lit cafe adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC or 20 feet from the wall of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City? Can you imagine the facade of the Smithsonian Institute or Metropolitan Museum hidden by two-story high billboards advertising cigarettes, alcohol, apparel and candy? Can you imagine the green space of Central Park in New York City suddenly overrun with a hundred cafes of indiscriminate design and size?

A Turk unlike any other Turk  - 16/02/2004


Is the name of Turkish writer Kemal Yalcin familiar to anyone? It is not a household name, so don't be embarrassed if you don't recognize it. Not yet. Although he is a prize-winning author with many novels, short stories and collections of poems to his credit. He was born in an ancient Greek town of Turkey in 1952, but he has lived in Germany since 1982, and he teaches the Turkish language in the City of Bochum. One may ask why he doesn't live in his native country, since he has become a best-selling author. The answer is the topic of his books. Although his early collections of poems may not put a threat on his life, his later novels will.

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