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Appeal to R. Kocharian  - 22/12/2006


We consider the despicable attack on Mr. Haroutiun Arakelyan, a member of the Central Committee of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party and the Chairman of the District Committee of Armenian Democratic Liberal Party of Armenia, be a contemptuous and a shameful act towards the individual, our motherland and its government.

Russian-Armenian Tycoon Linked With Politician's Beating  - 9/12/2006


The leader of a small pro-establishment party, which used to be sponsored by Ara Abrahamian but is now at loggerheads with him, claimed on Friday that the influential Russian-Armenian tycoon may have been behind his alleged beating.

Harutun Arakelian’s interview  - 2/09/2006


Mr. Arakelian, do you think the non-parliamentary parties will have equal opportunities to compete with the parliamentary forces which are unwilling to surrender their seats during National Assembly elections?

Everything depends on the final version of the Electoral Code. There are some articles in the draft that do not promise a very bright future to non-parliamentary parties. It seems that the parties holding today’s parliamentary seats are trying to provide conditions for self reproduction. My belief is that common sense will triumph and it will be recognized that the Electoral Code belongs to the people instead of the National Assembly or political parties. It is by this rule that the voters must fully practice their right, express their will.

The Council of Europe welcomes the result of the constitutional referendum...  - 31/01/2006


The Council of Europe welcomes the result of the 27/11/2005, constitutional referendum in Armenia paving the way to reforms demanded by the organisation, but regrets the conditions under which the referendum was conducted.

Noyan Tapan  - 1/03/2004


The funeral of Armenian Senior Lieutenant Gurgen Margarian was held in the Yerablur Pantheon on February 28. It should be mentioned that on February 19, Lieutenant Gurgen Margarian of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, posted to Budapest to participate in the NATO Partnership for Peace Programme's English language training course, was brutally murdered in his sleep axed by Azerbaijani military officer Ramil Safarov attending the same course.

Tigran Torossian on Karabagh  - 25/02/2004


Today, when Azeries propose to resume the process of settlement of the Karabakh conflict from zero, Armenia has a full right to demand that starting from today Karabakh should become a full side of the negotiations,"

Anti-corruption program in Djavaghk  - 25/02/2004


The anti-corruption program, which began in Tbilisi, strikes root in the regions as well. In the regions the arrests of state high-ranking officials, representatives of economic magnates are followed by the arrests of local officials. This takes place in Javakhk as well.

The murder of Armenian officer  - 23/02/2004


The murder of the Armenian officer by the azeri officer– déjà vu

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