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      Next Year in a Reunified Armenia!

Next Year in a Reunified Armenia!   30/12/2007

A Special "Genats" (Toast): Next Year in a Reunified Armenia!


Executive Publisher/Managing Editor

A few days ago, a Turkish-American journalist responded to my column, titled "Sadly for so-called ‘nationalist’ Turks, Armenians are not going away." He e-wrote: "Wow, you don't even take Christmas off. I would be all for recognizing the Armenian Genocide. It would allow us all to move on, and worry about other things and it would be a proper way to recognize those who lost their lives. … I realize it is a painful situation for your side, and I regret that so many Armenians lost their lives. I am truly sickened and horrified by what happened. But, politically, the situation is what it is. … I understand why this matter is important to you, and I respect you for speaking out for your cause."

I thanked him for his empathetic expressions and I wrote back: "What Christmas without a reunified homeland!"

Armenia continues to be divided. Today’s Armenia/Artsakh consists only of 65% of its eastern territories, whereas 100% of Western Armenia is still occupied by Turkey. Making matters even worse, there are millions of closet-Armenians in Turkey who are constantly under fear and cultural suppression.

According to a December 25 article in the Turkish Sabah newspaper, Diran Bakar, a prominent Armenian citizen of Turkey, announced that Armenians in Istanbul are increasingly fearful for their lives after the latest attack on a Catholic priest Adriano Franchini in Izmir.

They vividly remember the brutal assassination of Hrant Dink, the late editor of Agos (January 2007), and the gruesome killing of several other Christians in Malatya (April 2007) and elsewhere. According to Mr. Bakar, Armenians of Turkey are either fleeing or intending to flee the country. It’s noteworthy that these crimes were committed NOT by devout Muslim Turks but by mostly secular Turks who are joined by several government-sponsored extremists.

Mr. Bakar's comments were widely disseminated by the Turkish media. The unsuspecting reader may be tricked into thinking that the Turkish government has become liberal. As a result, it is encouraging its media to "freely" echo the painful fears of the country’s minorities. In reality, Ankara is attempting to deliver a blatant threat to Armenians, Greeks, Kurds and others worldwide about Turkey’s intention to covertly allow new killings of innocent minorities by its extremist cohorts. Some collaborators of Ankara have even begun circulating the false notion that these acts of extremism were triggered by pending congressional Armenian Genocide Resolutions (HR106 and SR106).

Harut Sassounian, the Publisher of the California Courier, countered the misguiding Turkish propaganda regarding the tie between the Turkish extremism and the Armenian Genocide Resolution: "Nationalism in Turkey has nothing to do with these resolutions. Should Jews not talk about the Holocaust because that would create more anti-Semitism in Germany? This is a ridiculous thought. There has been extremism in Turkey for centuries long before these resolutions and even before there was Genocide! In fact, the Genocide happened because there was extremism to begin with."

Obviously, the denialist and occupationist Turkish leaders and their cohorts are resorting to all kinds of intimidation tactics and propaganda tools to discourage Armenians from seeking Justice. Turkey knows too well that its most burning issue is the fact that there are over ten to twelve million forcibly dispersed Armenians worldwide and another 3-3.5 million in Eastern Armenia who have not forgotten the painful fact that their present-day homeland exists only on a small portion of their ancestral homeland. 

The Armenians realize that Turkey is no Germany. While Germany can be commended for taking the moral high road by making amends to the Jewish victims and their descendants, Turkey must be reminded that it continues to be known as a pariah state as long as it continues its genocidal occupation of Western Armenia. It is only through a reunified Armenia, with an outlet to the Black Sea, that the Armenians can survive as a nation.

One can understand why Turkey is so preoccupied by the fact that there exists such a sizeable justice-demanding Armenian population and that the exiled Armenians are a continuous source of major political and economic problem for Turkey. All that can be worked out if the righteous Turks take it upon themselves to correct this terrible historic wrong.

In the meantime, Armenians have no choice but to continue to become politically, economically and militarily stronger.

On this positive note on Armenian self-reliance, let’s complete 2007 and usher in 2008 with special "Genats" (Toast): "See you next year in a reunified Armenia!"


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