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      TIME Magazine Distributes Documentary on the Armenian Genocide

TIME Magazine Distributes Documentary on the Armenian Genocide   2/02/2007

TIME Magazine Distributes Documentary and Adopts Policy on the Armenian Genocide

The Feb. 12, 2007 issue of the European edition of TIME magazine -- available in newsstands throughout Europe as of Feb. 2nd -- carries a full-page factual announcement on the Armenian Genocide, along with a complimentary DVD, in English and French, which contains a compelling 52-minute documentary on the Armenian Genocide by French director Laurence Jourdan. 

The DVD also includes a 46-minute interview withDr. Yves Ternon, a leading expert on the Armenian Genocide.Both the DVD and the full-page ad were provided free of charge by TIME Europe (circulation 550,000)after realizing that its staff, without proper review, had inserted in the June 6, 2005 issue of TIME Europe a Turkish DVD as a paid advertisement under the guise of promoting tourism to Turkey. The Turkish DVD, paid for by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, was a deceitful attempt to spread malicious lies and denialist propaganda on the Armenian Genocide.

Subsequently, Michael Elliott, the Editor of TIME International, issued the following public statement:"Please be advised that, in common with other leading news organizations, it is TIME's policy and practice to refer to the Armenian genocide as a historical fact. Accordingly, I will be informing our correspondents and editors that the term 'Armenian genocide' should be used without qualification."


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