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      Stallone disappoints Turkish admirers

Stallone disappoints Turkish admirers   6/01/2007

Stallone disappoints Turkish admirers

Marlena Hovsepyan
"Radiolur", Dec.,27, 2006

These days the Turkish society has chosen a new target. Turkish society learned from media that world famous actor and director Sylvester Stallone is going to shoot a film based on the «40 Days of Musa Dagh» novel by Austrian writer Franz Werfel.

Editor-in-chief of the Istanbul based «Marmara» daily Rober Haddedjian informed «Radiolur» about the moods dominating in Turkey. «One should accept that Stallone is very popular in Turkey with his «Rambo» and «Rocky» films, and the Turkish society felt a sudden disappointment, hearing the story,» Haddedjian said.

Turkish directors urge the public to send electronic letters to the famous actor, they have even publicized Stallone's e-mail. Turks are calling on the actor to refuse from this anti-Turkish idea, saying that it will greatly damage his reputation in Turkey. Sylvester Stallone has not responded to any of the letters yet. If Stallone yields to the pressure of Turks, he will probably become a national hero in Turkey. If he ignores the calls he will be hated.

«Stallone will hardly take these letters into consideration, moreover when he feels the support of the Diaspora, says Rober Haddedjian.

By the way, this story served as reason for critical publications against Franz Werfel. «Many books have been published about the Armenian Genocide in different sites of the world, and the Turkish society has always been saying that these books are based on lie and have been written for propaganda aims. The same is said about Franz Werfel’s book» Haddedjian says.

After successful completion Stallone’s film will again become a topic of discussions in Turkey, everything is still ahead. The most that may happen is that the film will not be screened in Turkeot Stallone will be declared a persona non grata in the country. However, let’s not forget that Stallone is loved not only in Turkey, therefore the popularity of the film is undoubtedly guaranteed.

It’s worth mentioning that rumors say that the idea of shooting a film on the basis of Franz Werfel's «40 Days of Musa Dagh» was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Governor of California has promised to render his support.

S. Stallone
S. Stallone


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