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      Harutun Arakelian’s interview

Harutun Arakelian’s interview   2/09/2006

Democratic Liberal Party of Armenia President Harutun Arakelian’s interview with "Hayots Ashkhar" Daily reporter G. Harutunian.

Harutyun Arakelyan, President of ADL Party, Armenia.
Harutyun Arakelyan, President of ADL Party, Armenia.

02 September, 2006

Sold Items cannot be Returned


Mr. Arakelian, do you think the non-parliamentary parties will have equal opportunities to compete with the parliamentary forces which are unwilling to surrender their seats during National Assembly elections?

Everything depends on the final version of the Electoral Code. There are some articles in the draft that do not promise a very bright future to non-parliamentary parties. It seems that the parties holding today’s parliamentary seats are trying to provide conditions for self reproduction. My belief is that common sense will triumph and it will be recognized that the Electoral Code belongs to the people instead of the National Assembly or political parties. It is by this rule that the voters must fully practice their right, express their will.

In politics everything that is artificial, lacks soul, ideology has a very short life to live. I treat the newly formed and rapidly growing parties very calmly. These forces try to cover the path of one decade of the mature parties in just one year and have to spend big sums of money. I do not think that parties like the Unity and Prosperous Armenia are formed to do election falsifications. These parties are non-parliamentary as our party is and we all have the same goal, which is fair and just elections.

How are you going to participate in the parliamentary elections? Who can be your allies?

The struggle is not going to be an easy one. While choosing an ally we will consider the path the party has gone, the ideological base, most importantly, and the human factor. Many say that they will take their election road by themselves. On one hand the Electoral Code has brought about many obstacles for the formation of coalitions, while on the other, it forces parties to form one.

At present the ADLP have collaborative good relations with the Powerful Motherland party. Regional organizations productively cooperate with each other. Nevertheless time will show. Neither the Powerful Motherland nor we have made a final decision. It is early for making such decisions. If there are no extraordinary concussions in the country then our cooperation will have its result.

Mr. Arakelian do you really think the domestic political frame has been established enough to form ideological coalitions?

When statements are made in favor of a 100 per cent majoritarian electoral system the aim of it is ideological competition without which the electoral system will not be accomplished. Where there is an ideology there is a political party. Individuals are weak to carry out ideas and decide the political course by simply pressing a voting button. The National Assembly is a place where laws are being drafted and the laws have to have ideology.

National security will be threatened if money is going to prevail in the upcoming parliamentary elections. In case money is the major player and not ideology, then there are world leading centers which will simply buy the parliament and will dictate the laws to our country. I believe the political elite and the opposition will realize the threat and the depth of the candidates’ pockets will not decide the elections rather their ideologies. Although, it is not possible to be successful in electoral competition without financial strength.

It is easy to bribe people who endure social difficulties. The voter will spend that money easily and all that will be left is disappointment, while nothing can be demanded from a member of parliament who has bought his mandate. The bought item can not be returned like in groceries. We desperately want that the electors’ vote does not become a commodity. We do not want our future to be sold.


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