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      ADL 24th General Convention in Athens

ADL 24th General Convention in Athens   2/01/2006

ADL (Ramgavar Party) 24th General Convention in Athens

The 24th General Convention of the Ramgavar Party (Armenian Democratic Liberal Organization) will take place in Athens (Greece) on February 24-26, 2006.  The District Committee of France is participating with its 6 delegates from Greater Paris, Rhone Alpes-Centre, Bouche du Rhone and Alpes Maritimes chapters, as well as from other regions of Western Europe. Jean Sirapian, Central committee member will also participate to this meeting.

Delegates from Armenia and all over the world where there are organized Armenian communities are participating; such as: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Jerusalem, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, England, Australia as well as North & South Americas.

The General Convention usually takes place every 3 years.  The Ramgavar Party established in 1921 in Istanbul with roots to the Armenagan Party, which was the first political organization created in western Armenia (Van).


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