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      The sources of political "evil".

The sources of political "evil".   29/06/2005

The sources of political "evil" explored by Azadian

 "Warehouse of Evil", the title of a Washington Times op-ed editorial published on March 28 that is part of the campaign to deny the Armenian Genocide, was the topic discussed by Edmond Y. Azadian at the AGBU Alex and Marie Manoogian School in Southfield, MI on the evening of June 29.  Azadian, renowned author, journalist, and currently Vice Chairman of the Tekeyan organization, was welcomed by Dr. Raffi Belian of the Armenian Youth Organization (AYO)-Tekeyan, sponsors of the event.

 Azadian began by pointing out that the Washington Times does not enjoy the reputation of being friendly to the Armenians.  The op-ed piece, written by S. Rob Sobhani, tries to associate Armenians with planning to smuggle arms in the U.S.  By using 'buzz words' such as "national security problems" and "immediate danger to America's energy and homeland security", Sobhani taps into present day fears.  This article does not state that the Armenian government has been alert and is siding with the U.S. to stop terrorism and has made several arrests to make sure that weapons are not exported.  In addition, none of the weapons that have been smuggled have originated in Armenia.  The FBI has expressed its appreciation to Armenia for its efforts.
 Sobhani, an oilman, is an Azeri born in Iran.  He wrote his article using as his sources publications by the Turkish and Azeri governments.  He does not care about the countries he writes about.  He only cares about the route of the oil line to the West.

 Azadian stated that the appearance of this negative and untrue article about Armenians and the recent "Dateline" NBC TV program, which featured the nine-year-old story of Murad Topalian, were not a coincidence.  Rather, they are part of an ongoing program to counter publicity regarding the 90th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.  A prominent Turkish journalist had warned the Turkish government that the 90th commemoration would present political problems for Turkey, and they have prepared very well to counter these problems by buying the news media.  Although Armenians do not have the financial means available to the Turks, they still have been somewhat successful in countering this adverse publicity if only by their responses to the negative publicity.

 Following this interesting commentary, Dr. Belian then opened a dialog between the speaker and the audience.  Many interesting questions were posed to Azadian.  Some areas covered were the prospects of Turkey admitting to the Genocide and Turkey's admission in the European Union, and the delicate balance of Armenia's political relations with both the U.S. and Russia.

 Dr. Belian announced interesting future events scheduled by the AYO – "Armenian Jerusalem" with guest speaker David Terzibashian, at 8 p.m. on July 29, and "Politics and the Armenian Genocide" with guest speaker Rabbi Sherwin Wine on September 21, both at the AGBU School.

Elizabeth Aprahamian
June 29, 2005


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