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      The Gazette issues a policy statement on the Armenian genocide

The Gazette issues a policy statement on the Armenian genocide   7/07/2005

The Gazette issues a policy statement on the Armenian genocide

Andrew Phillips, Editor-in-Chief of The Gazette in Montreal, sent us a note on July 4 as a followup to a meeting with the Congress of Canadian Armenians on June 15. 

Having heard our concerns, and after some internal deliberations, he informed us that they have issued the following policy statement to their editorial staff regarding the Armenian genocide: "It seems clear from the historical record that what took place in Turkey around 1915 amounted to a genocide, as defined in the 1948 UN convention on genocide: killing or harming people "with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group". As a result, reporters and editors are free to use the word genocide, without quotation marks, in relation to the Armenian tragedy and should avoid using qualifiers such as "alleged," "disputed" or "what Armenians call." We may report Turkish denials of such a claim when they are relevant, but we should not feel obliged to include such denials with every reference to the Armenian genocide.

"Major news organizations differ in how they handle this point. Our approach is in line with those of such newspapers as the Boston Globe, New York Times and Ottawa Citizen."

This is an important achievement, and can be used as a precedent for getting similar policy statements from other major newspapers throughout Canada. Please forward this e-mail to as many people as you can. Spreading the word of this development will help persuade other newspapers to follow The Gazette's lead.

Congress of Canadian Armenians


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