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      ADL - ARF Press Conference

ADL - ARF Press Conference   22/07/2004


J. Sirapian, M. Papazian, M. Tubiana
J. Sirapian, M. Papazian, M. Tubiana

PARIS, July 22 (Noyan Tapan). At the very moment that French President Jacques Chirac and the Turkish Prime Minister were meeting in France on July 20, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the Armenian Democratic League (the Ramgavar party) held a joint press conference. Also participating in the conference was Michel Tubiana, President of the French League for Human Rights and Vice-President of FIDH (La Federation Internationale des Ligues des Droits de l'Homme - the International Federation of Human Rights).

According to "Asbarez Online", first to address reporters was Mourad Papazian, Representative of the Western Europe ARF Central Committee. Referencing reports by FIDH and other human rights organizations, he pointed out the dismal state of the human rights situation in Turkey.

Papazian referred to Turkey's policy of genocide denial and the conditions set forth by the 18 June 1987 decision of the European Parliament. He also discussed the Copenhagen Criteria, saying that the reforms being carried out in Turkey are entirely insufficient and superficial, and the newly adopted laws have simply remained dead letters.

The ARF representative concluded that Turkey is not ready for entry into the European Union. He explained that the decision to open accession talks are given only for those countries that have met the conditions set by Europe, whereas Turkey ignores European courts, which every year issue numerous condemnations of and verdicts against Turkey.

Varoujan Sirabian spoke on behalf of the ADL, presenting the numerous reasons why Turkey is ineligible for entry into the European Union. He spoke of the threats to human rights and democracy in Turkey and the dangers of the Turkish regime, in particular the Islamist ideology of Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) and his ideological orientation and statements.

Michel Tubiana spoke about the current situation in Turkey. He criticized Turkey's delays in implementing its recently adopted laws and considered its continual denial of the Armenian Genocide unacceptable.


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