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      ADL-ARF met Chirac's counsellors

ADL-ARF met Chirac's counsellors   22/07/2004


Paris- Tuesday 22 JULY

Yesterday Jean Sirapian (ADL) and Henri Papazian (ARF) met with Jacques Chirac’s diplomatic counsellors.

The two representatives of the Armenian community expressed their worry about the eventual exclusion of one of the four criteria voted by the European Parliament on 18 June 1987 concerning recognition of the Armenian genocide by Turkey.

Sirapian, in the name of ADL France, expressed his opposition to the entrance of Turkey in the European Union. He said that in the eventuality of a favourable decision of the 25 EU members to grant a date to open the negotiations with Turkey during the European Council’s December 2004 session, the criteria voted in June 1987 by the European parliament must apply : the recognition of the Armenian genocide, evacuation of Cyprus, respect of the minority’s rights in Turkey (Assyrians, Armenians, Alevis, Catholics, …) and the resolution of the Kurdish problem.

Henri Papazian of ARF underlined the reasons to be anxious because he said : "the Armenians unfortunately have many examples in the past where they saw their interest ignored for "real politic" reasons.

Sirapian handled a report to Chirac’s counsellors in which he resumes the different reasons to say "No to Turkey" particularly regarding the tendency to Islamisation of the country since the sixties. "We can not overlook the consequences of the integration of 90 million population (estimated population of Turkey in 2015), Muslim for 99%, in a mass of 450 million European population with a Greco-Roman culture." he concluded 


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