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      Akhdamar Church in Ruins

Akhdamar Church in Ruins   14/05/2004

 Akhdamar Church in Ruins

Ahkdamar Church in Van
Ahkdamar Church in Van
 Famous for its 10th century Church of the Holy Cross, the Akdamar Church on the island of Akdamar in Lake Van's is almost in ruins.

The church, which is visited by many foreign tourists, is worn out and close to ruins. The church has been neglected and harmed by treasure hunters and at risk of collapsing. Both its foundation and ceiling have cracks and holes.

The City of Van's Culture and Tourism Province Director, Bilal Sonmez, told Zaman that a project for the preservation of the historical identity of the church is already being prepared. Sonmez said that the issue has already been transferred to the Culture and Nature Assets Council and that the directorate is waiting for a decision.

Erdogan Acar, a tourist at the church, said that he was nervous to walk around inside the church because of its near ruined condition. He added, "We could prove that we are a great nation if we claim our historical heritage."

May 14 -2004
Ahmet Ünal, 
Zaman Online


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