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      Information about Hrant Dink and Agos

Information about Hrant Dink and Agos   23/03/2004

Letter sent by Ragip ZARAKOLU to CRDA (Centre des Recherches de la Diaspora Arménienne) - Paris

Information about Hrant Dink and Agos.

As you know, Turkish fascist party, MHP lost election and could not go in parliament. So they are nervous and by fascist agitation they want save their militants. Their youth neighbor organization ULKU OCAKLARI began street agitation. In their press there are aggressive articles against Kurds and minorities.

After an article about Ataturk’s adopted daughter Sabiha Gokcen, about her Armenian roots, Turkish army made a declaration, that is an attack against the memory of founder of Turkish republic. And Turkish fascists made a protest action in front of Agos. And they said Hrant Dink, you are at our list. It means death threat.

One week later, again in front of Agos, "The federation of struggle with Armenian wrong thesis" put black plackets to the door and made protest.

We visit Agos as human rights defenders, writers and publisher organizations. Later we gave a common petition to state prosecutor against the organization Ulku Ocaklari, because they made hate speech and death threat.

And last Wednesday I visit them in the name of Turkish PEN together with Eugen Shoulgin, vice chairman of International PEN. I invite him to go together

Tomorrow I will carry Jose Bove and his friends to Agos for solidarity. So French peasantry will give support to Agos.

The same organization made death threat against two Kurdish singers.

Social-fascists published an article against me, because I wrote an article against so called "left" nationalism, in review TURK SOLU.

Best reply to go on publishing. Tomorrow we will distribute our new book, "The role of special organization and army in Armenian genocide".

And we shall see, what happen.

Best wishes




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