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      AGBU Announcement on Melkonian Educational Institute

AGBU Announcement on Melkonian Educational Institute   16/03/2004

Melkonian Educational Institute to Close in June 2005

In the spirit of the discussion and analyses at the AGBU General Assembly meeting in October, 2002, and consistent with the on-going assessment of our educational institutions and activities worldwide, the Central Board has carefully evaluated AGBU programs in respect to their past achievements, current challenges and future prospects. The Board has done so in furtherance of the goals of the organization and its founding fathers.

The Melkonian Educational Institute (MEI), as a significant and historical institution within AGBU, has been a concern of the Central Board over many years. After extensive deliberations and thorough assessment, the Central Board has resolved unanimously to discontinue MEI in June 2005. This decision is based largely on the Board’s conclusion that MEI no longer meets the challenges of its mission in the present context of the Armenian world. The Board fully recognizes and honors the continued legacy of the visionary Melkonian Brothers and is determined to perpetuate their memory through new educational programs to be implemented within and outside Cyprus, in line with the spirit of their donation to AGBU.

Throughout its century-long history, AGBU has survived and thrived primarily because it has recognized and addressed the needs of the Armenian people, taking bold and forward-looking initiatives in challenging times as necessary.

Louise Manoogian Simone, Chairman
Nazar Nazarian, Vice Chairman, Treasurer
Berge Setrakian, President
Sarkis Demirdjian, Vice President
Arshavir Gundjian, Vice President
Joseph Basralian, Secretary
M. Michael Ansour
Carol B. Aslanian
Edouard Jakhian
Levon Kebabdjian
Richard Manoogian
Benon Sevan
Sam Simonian
Sinan Sinanian
Dickran Tevrizian
Karnig Yacoubian


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