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      Gwynedd County Council recognized genocide

Gwynedd County Council recognized genocide   4/03/2004
 Wales Armen ia Solidarity 
Paregamutioon Ooels-Hayasdan 
Press Release

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We are happy to announce that for the first time in the United Kingdom a County Council has passed a motion recognising the truth of the Armenian Genocide, and also calling on Turkey to end her economic blockade of Armenia .

This happened today, thursday, March 4th at the Gwynedd County Council. The motion was put forward by Dafydd Iwan (President of the Plaid Cymru Party) in response to requests from Wales -Armenia Solidarity. The vote was unanumous in favour, with councillors from The Labour Party , The Liberal Democrats , Independent Wales Party , Councillors of the Independent group as well as the majority Plaid Cymru Councillors supporting the motion

          The voice of Wales on international issues has not been heard for a very long time. On 30th October 2002 ,at the instigation of Wales-Armenia Solidarity,and with the support of CRAG, London , the majority of the Members of the National Assembly of Wales signed a similar Declaration ofOpinion to this week’s motion. Also our Prime Minister Rhodri Morgan recognised the genocide in a personal capacity at the Temple of Peace , Cardiff on 24th April 2001 . This is however the first time that any elected body in Wales or the UK has voted to recognise the truth of the Genocide

  We are endeavouring to persuade all local authorities ion Wales to support the statement below, so that the voice of Wales will be perfectly clear

Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh serve as inspirations for all small nations who have previously been silenced,  and it is the sacred duty of nations like Wales to make their voice heard on these issues” said a spokesperson for Wales-Armenia Solidarity "We hope that this will result in the re-emergence of a bond of frienship between our two nations. (A Wales-Armenia Society existed in 1896). We hope to estasblish a cultural exchange in the future.

We obviously condemn the offensive comments of the British Ambassador in Armenia questioning the definition of the Armenian Genocide

Contacts in Armenia are most welcome

This is the wording of the motion

 “Gwynedd Council:

`1      recognises the truth of the Genocide of the Armenians that occurred under the Turkish government in 1915

2        Calls on Turkey to end its economic blockade of the Republic of Armenia

3        Call on the government of Britain and the National Assembly of Wales not to support Turkish entry into the European Union until the Turkish government has recognised the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and has ended its economic blockade of Armenia”

4        Call on the Local authorities of Wales to support this declaration.


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