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      Noyan Tapan

Noyan Tapan   1/03/2004


YEREVAN, March 1 (Noyan Tapan). The funeral of Armenian Senior Lieutenant Gurgen Margarian was held in the Yerablur Pantheon on February 28. It should be mentioned that on February 19, Lieutenant Gurgen Margarian of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, posted to Budapest to participate in the NATO Partnership for Peace Programme's English language training course, was brutally murdered in his sleep axed by Azerbaijani military officer Ramil Safarov attending the same course. Gurgen Margarian was born in 1978. Relatives and friends of Gurgen Margarian, high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Defense, colleagues, MPs, members of the government, many non-governmental organizations uniting relatives of the perished freedom-fighters, as well as common people participated in the funeral. "We came to tell the Azeris that we are not cowards and we don't kill people in their sleep, but we will protect our Homeland if necessary," said Anahid Sargsian, the Chairwoman of the "Summons of Anguish" organization, on behalf of mothers of perished freedom-fighters. Flora Zakarian, mother of Aghasi Shahinian, who died in the war, said: "It seems as if I bury my son for the second time. The whole world should know about this crime." "When I learned about this crime, I wanted to take weapon. I will go to war if necessary. But I'll not cut people's heads, I'll shoot," said Gharib Melkonian, father of perished Lyudvig Melkonian. RA Minister of Defense Serge Sargsian in his speech made during the mourning rally said that this crime unprecedented by its cruelty is the consequence of the growing anti-Armenian propaganda in Azerbaijan. He mentioned that public orgazizations, establishing the atmospehere of intolerance, take advantage of support and contribution of the authorities of Azerbaijan that the military programs of preparation of officers contain the elements of hatred and arouse bellocose moods. The Minister mentioned that anti-Armenian propaganda was transferred to the field of international programs. At first Azerbaijan didn't admit Armenian officers in Baku within the framework of NATO, and today murder was committed within the framework of the same NATO. According to him, the international community should give assessment to what had happened, otherwise the political settlement of the Karabakh problem will fail. All the speakers especially mentioned the moral side of the the situation in Azerbaijan, when the cowardly murderer who axed his colleague in his sleep is announced a hero. "This crime showed the whole world that the officer of the Azeri Army is deprived of honor. Armenian officers didn't admit such a mean crime, i.e. to kill the sleeping, even during the war," said Lieutenant-Colonel Nazarian.


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